Removing a Quick Link


They are a clever piece of modern bike technology, simple and effective, but they can be a real pain to remove once they are fitted. Quick links can prove to be quite stubborn to removal methods by hand, especially ones that have been on a chain for a long time. I have managed to get a few off by just pushing the chain links together, but generally this method won’t work. The worst thing to do would be to damage or break your chain, so don’t use any other tools to try and bend or push the link out.


Just a Gear Cable


Normal pliers won’t work, so you need to buy a special pair of quick link removers, like these ones. However, if you’re stuck on the side of the road, or need to get the link off pronto here is a video showing how I removed a link without using special pliers. I would recommend buying the specialised pliers if you want to do it the best way, but this method in the video does actually work.



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