Peugeot Super Competition: the Battle with Rust

   When Repainting is Not an Option   I’d been looking for a Peugeot Super...

Can 10 Speed Friction Shifting Work? Video.  

1973 Peugeot PA 10E

Decades of Neglect   Perhaps “neglect” is too strong a word for the description of this bike, as it is my impression that it was stored for...

Laurent Special Competition – a Strange One

The Marque   Laurent is not a name I am familiar with, so when I went to buy this bike I really didn’t know what to expect. I could see it had...

Cycles Gitane in Blue with a Chain Line Problem – Video

A History of Violence   Perhaps this bike has no “wow” factor, it’s neither of really high quality nor is it impressively beautiful, but it’’s...

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A Vingage Atala Rizzato – Completely Restored

A Vingage Atala Rizzato – Completely Restored

A Bike for Séraphine   I’ve only ridden an Atala bike once, back in the days before the housing market in Seattle was still affordable and the Capitol Hill district of the city was more bohemian than tecchie. I owned it for a few weeks, but there was no lack of...

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